Front inscription:


When its most beautiful jade-green fruit has finally ripened,
The place is set to welcome the Phoenix.
Will beads of water stand out along its so glaucous stems?
There, the bright green of the leaves and foliage is refreshing.
Down the front steps runs a protective brook.
Vaporous scents stop at the portières.
Do not flap them, do not shatter their shadows;
For the first time, a sweet dream will gently last.

Dream of the Red Chamber by Cao Xueqin, Chapter XVIII

vert olivier fruit arbre plante feuille
jardin arbre olivier herbe vert plante eau bassin poisson pierres
bassin eau jardin plante vert olivier pierre
eau bassin fontaine couler feuilles poisson
jardin arbre olivier devanture porte herbe vert

“There all is order and beauty, luxury, peace, and pleasure” might be your very first thought. Then, once inside, dear guests, you will instantly feel an air of expectancy. All the pieces, the garden, the hosts – exquisitely prepared for the noble reunion – have been joyfully holding their breath. Like Empress Yuan Chun, who honoured her kin with a brief yet so precious visit, you will let your amiable eyes wander, your fingers flutter around impressive works and minute ornaments – you will savour this timeless moment …  


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