Our July 2022 Exhibition-cum-Sale of Outstanding Rugs & Tapestries

In this beautiful month of July, our gallery is hosting a remarkable exhibition-cum-sale of unique rugs and tapestries. There, you will notably be introduced to one of the most exquisite collections of Aubusson-style works in France. These handwoven, hand-knotted short-pile pieces were made in careful keeping with the renowned weaving technique and tradition.

You will also have a chance to gaze at our shimmering oriental pure silk rugs and carpets, hand-knotted by means of the Turkish double-knot or the Persian knot techniques. Most have 1,250,000 knots per square metre (10.8 sq.ft.) – a significant knot density ensuring both their longevity and the neatness of their patterns and motifs.

Last but not least, you will assuredly get to know our pure silk Kilim rugs, as well as some other contemporary pieces that have never been shown to the public.

Kilim Rugs

The event will end on July 31. By then, we will be delighted to welcome you there.