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Mammoth Ivory

Discover handcrafted sculptures made from mammoth ivory, a rare ancient material dating back several thousand years.

Mammoth Ivory, an Outstanding Material


Its discovery. Fossil mammoth ivory can be found in Siberia, in areas close to the North Pole. During the few summer weeks, the nomadic tribes walk through the tundra for thousands of miles. There, they find and gather fossil mammoth ivory (i.e. mammoth tusks) which they sell. This activity, along with hunting and fishing, is their main source of income to survive. 

Its preservation. The mammoth, an ancient distant relative of elephants, became extinct over 30,000 years ago. As it no longer exists, it is not among the species protected by CITES, aka the Washington Convention. Mammoth ivory is essentially made up of mineral matter, but very little organic matter. Thanks to this characteristic and its preservation in ice blocks named “permafrost”, some ivory has remained in good condition for tens of thousands of years and can be marketed. Otherwise, the uncollected ivory is definitely damaged by the cold and air erosion. Consequently, only a tiny part of mammoth ivory can be used for sculpture, which makes this material all the more special and precious. 

Its artistic use. This mammoth ivory has become Russian and Chinese artisans’ and artists’ material out of which they create exquisite carvings telling myths and legends. Minutely graceful, each piece of our collection conveys a bit of Asian culture.

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