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from the Lognes bimonthly magazine, March-April 2022, n. 51, p.12.

TresOrient – An art gallery round the corner

With an outstanding collection of 26,000 objets d’art acquired over the last sixty years, TresOrient owns one of the largest catalogues mainly made up of Chinese and Japanese pieces. So everyone could have a chance to discover these, the company moved to the very heart of the PariEst business park and opened a 1,000 square-meter art gallery.  “Thoroughly transformed, this uncommon place – with its numerous windows and honeycomb structure – offers particularly bright rooms. There, natural daylight highlights some exquisitely special pieces that had never been shown to the public so far,” owner Ling Kam Pak explained.

An art expert and explorer

Born in Hong Kong, Ling Kam Pak came to Paris with all his family. There, he studied statistics and econometrics at Paris Dauphine and Paris Sorbonne Universities. Immersed in art from a very young age and for a significant time as a student at the Ecole du Louvre, he also acquired so much experience by observing and accompanying his father that he eventually succeeded him. For many years, he travelled around the world (Russia, China, Japan, the Middle-East, Africa, the Americas) enriching and renewing the substantial family legacy with most remarkable pieces. “Knowing more about other peoples and their cultures while collaborating with them has become a passion… a vocation even.”

An acknowledged specialist

TresOrient plays a major part in all the market segments it got involved in – sculptures, tapestries, and mammoth ivory. Part of its clientele consists of passionate expert collectors and art galleries. “Our rugs and tapestries finely dress fashion show stages, movie settings, along with private mansion, castle and loft interiors,” he added. TresOrient’s quality and expertise are by no means accidental, but definitely deliberate. Indeed, each object is carefully selected by Pak himself, “according to [his] sensibility, [his] perception which is both Asian and European”. Besides, this art lover never hesitates to meet the artist who has made a longed-for work. “For each work tells us a story. What I sell is a piece of Chinese culture and heritage, a piece of Chinese mythology prized since Antiquity. Therefore, choosing well truly matters.”


You can visit TresOrient’s art gallery by appointment only.
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